As senior print designer for H&M's Conscious Collection, Elsa developed original drawings, paintings and digital artworks for the Exclusive 2017 collection. Beginning with the exploration of new sustainable materials and processes, Elsa lead all prints on the project. She built a visual story around the concept of the five senses and the enticement of dreams. 
Every piece in this collection is made from sustainable materials, including BIONIC® - a polyester made of plastics recycled from shoreline waste. It is a premium collection  for special occasions, sold in 150 stores worldwide, as well as online.
tencel blouse and organic silk dress
peonies and mimosa
to the left; line drawing of clouds and sleeping girl translated into quilt technique. recycled polyester
in the middle; organic perfume oils. came with envelope and five printed cards
to the right; sequin top from recycled plastic and organic silk strapping

  peonies printed on organic silk
mimosa flower print translated into a rich 3d jacquard, with transparent ground

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